Industry Tours

We are proud of the success we continue to see through the Economic Development Council’s creation of industry tours for Calhoun County educators, helping to bridge the gap for our manufacturing workforce pipeline. Since July of 2017, along with the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce, we have taken over 300 educators into more than 15 local industries. On Monday, we completed our 9th tour, taking guidance counselors from the Calhoun County School System into Associated Metalcast, M&H Valve, Carmin Industries, and Parker Hannifin.

We believe this a tangible way to communicate the abundance of career opportunities to our future workforce through their schools. Most educators spend the majority of their lives in a classroom, making it extremely difficult to communicate to their students what opportunities await them inside local industries. At age 5, teachers begin as students in an elementary classroom, continuing all the way through college in a classroom. Upon graduation, they return to begin their career in a classroom. That is why each educator is so excited about these opportunities. It is allowing many of them to see things that they just couldn’t be aware of. The better first-hand knowledge we can provide our educators, communicates direct success to their students–Calhoun County’s future workforce.

The EDC believes there is a true value to quality over quantity. By intentionally organizing these tours to focus on smaller groups, allows for educators and industrial managers to begin forming relationships between one another that are crucial for economic growth in Calhoun County. These efforts have shown us that this was an unmet need, and we are seeing many partnerships already formed between local schools and manufacturing industries.

None of this could be possible without the excellent partnerships with our industries who have graciously opened their doors. Thank you to the following industries who continue to host educators:
Aerospace Coatings
Bridgewater Interiors
New Flyer
Carmin Industries
Industry Products
Parker Hannifin
Laser Fab
Associated MetalCast
Southern Custom Exhibits
Tyler Union
Hood Packaging
M&H Valve

Together we are making Calhoun County better, one job at a time.