Japanese Delegation Vists Calhoun County

The Southeast United States (SEUS) Japan Conference was recently held in Birmingham, Alabama. This conference was the 38th annual conference of the SEUS Japan Association and Japan SEUS Association. Each year, the conference held between these two organizations alternates between the United States and Japan. This is the first time the event has been hosted by the State of Alabama in fifteen years. The conference is a great opportunity to bring together top leadership from Japan and SEUS to provide the best occasion to discuss and learn more about current issues in investment, trade, and other topics that affect both organizations.

The Calhoun County Economic Development Council (EDC) was able to both attend the high-level forum and host a group of Japanese delegates as they learned more about the aerospace industry in Alabama. The EDC partnered with local Oxford industry, Aerospace Coatings International, to provide a glimpse into the manufacturing environment of Calhoun County and offer the delegates further insight into one of the largest targeted industry sectors for the State of Alabama. During their visit to the Aerospace Coatings facility, the Japanese delegates were able to tour the industry and meet with Pat McCartney, President of Aerospace  Coatings.



“This was an amazing opportunity for us to showcase Calhoun County and the aerospace industries located in our community. We were pleased to welcome the Japanese delegates to Northeast Alabama and look forward to the potential of working with them further in the future,” stated Don Hopper Executive Director of the Calhoun County Economic Development Council.




Aerospace Coatings International

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